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04--Web metrics

PowerPoint Narration

Web metrics involve statistics by which the performance of a web site can be evaluated.  An example is Google Analytics, a free service from Google.  Information is collected on factor such as the number of times different pages of a site are visited, the number of visitors that were “referred” by sources such as search engines and links on other sites, the search terms used by visitors who arrive through search engine results, the amount of time spent by visitors on different pages, and the world area of different visitors.  (For technical reasons, some of this information will be missing for some visitors.  Certain other information—such as the amount of time spent on a site—cannot be measured directly in some cases and must be estimated.  For example, a visitor to a site may not move to another page when he or she is done perusing a page and may instead leave the page unattended on the screen.)


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